My First Post!

Thanks for visiting my blog!  I’m pretty excited about starting this little thing.  To find out more about me and about what I’d like to accomplish with this blog, check out the “About” tab above.  So to start, I’d like you all to listen to the awesome track I’ve posted below.  The artist is Jack Penate and his album, “Everything is New”, is a must buy.  Some of my coworkers and I saw him and Miike Snow (another great artist) live twice the past week.  That’s right TWICE–that’s how much we love them.  The live energy that Jack brings to the room is pretty amazing.  I couldn’t keep myself from dancing up a storm the entire night at BOTH shows.  Lots of fun, as you can imagine.  Listen to “Pull My Heart Away” and love it like I love it.  I’ve been pretty obsessed with Jack the past couple of weeks, so I’m passing the obsession on to you, online world.  Obsess away.  And go buy his album.  It’s worth it.

“Pull My Heart Away” by Jack Penate

And here’s a picture of the handsome fella



2 responses to “My First Post!


  2. hi,
    i love your music!!
    it reminds me to my younger days, i can´t explain!
    go still on

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