Rooftop of Hotel Erwin? Yes Please!

Last night was my dear friend and coworker, Jose’s, birthday celebration. He decided to have it on the “High Rooftop Lounge” (as it is called) of Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach. I had never heard or been to this small hotel. Apparently, it used to be a dingy Best Western. Dingy Best Western no longer! It is now a chic, funky, and colorful (literally) little spot that I really hope to visit more often. The décor of the hotel is so Venice Beach. It full on has graffiti-type murals on some of its walls. Check out the awesome mural that is right at the entrance of the hotel:

Hotel Erwin
But what really makes this boutique hotel special is the “High Rooftop Lounge” that Jose had his soiree at. It is (obviously) on the roof of the hotel with 360-degree views of all of Los Angeles, including the beach. Seeing all of the twinkling city lights, and the moon shining over the ocean, made me feel a bit better last night. Plus the weather was nearly perfect. When it got chilly, we could migrate toward the heat lamps, or onto the couches that were adorned with white fluffy blankets (pretty amazing). The servers there were also very attentive, and thankfully, the bartenders made some pretty strong drinks. I really liked this place and hope to come back. There are so many great spots like this in LA that I’ve never visited. I am REALLY going to try and expand my horizons and check some new stuff out, (and then share it with you all, of course!). So, I highly recommend that you visit this little gem of a hotel. I was lucky enough to enjoy it last night while surrounded by good friends. Thanks to those who were there who really helped me have “fun”, or at least as much fun as I can have at this point. Oh, and happy birthday boo bear!

For more details on Hotel Erwin, check out their website:


2 responses to “Rooftop of Hotel Erwin? Yes Please!

  1. Hello Brooke!
    On behalf of Hotel Erwin and High Lounge I’d like to thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you had such a great time, and that we were able to make your friend’s birthday a bit more memorable. Hope to see you back soon!

  2. sounds awesome! i would love to go sometime.

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