Most of you know that I’m a bit on the silly side.  You may be wondering why my blog posts so far have been seemingly normal.  “Where’s the silly, weird, strange Brooke I know?”  Well, I was wondering the same thing.  I realized I wasn’t really being fair to my readers.  I was showing you my very normal side.  It’s a side I have, but it’s not the side of me I cherish most.  I love my weirdness (sometimes…), and in this blog post, you’ll see a bit of that, and I hope you love it too.  So today I’m going to discuss a topic that makes me extremely happy, (I’ve been very down lately, so I figured writing about this VERY AWESOME topic may make me feel better, so here it goes).  I’m going to tell you a bit about my love and minor obsession with VAMPIRES.  I love vampires so much that I asked my roommate Jenn the other night why I couldn’t just be a vampire.  I wasn’t kidding; I was being very, very serious.  I’d love to be a vampire.  I’d love the power, the wisdom, the beauty, the mystery.  Of course, I’d be a vegetarian vampire like the lovely Cullen family, (from the Twilight series, DUH), like the oh so handsome Stefan Salvator, (from my favorite new show on television, The Vampire Diaries), and like Bill Compton, (from the best show on television OVERALL, True Blood).  What’s a vegetarian vampire you ask?  Well we feed on animals, not humans, (OR in the case of True Blood, we drink what’s called “TruBlood” which is a blood drink that’s manufactured without having to harm a human).  Why vegetarian?  Well I wouldn’t want to be an evil and murderous vampire, going around sucking blood from humans because honestly those vampires are SCARY.  I don’t like those types of vampires.  I like the nice ones, and if given the choice, I would want to be a nice one too.  I’d still be very powerful, and would garner much respect, mind you, (don’t be thinking vegetarian vampires are weak, because they are so not).  You may be wondering where this vampire obsession of mine began.  I can tell you that it did NOT start with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, (hated that show, sorry Joelle).  It started with my crazy obsession with the Twilight books.  Yes, I know Stephanie Meyer is not a great author, and that the books aren’t that well written.  But I still love them, and found myself obsessed with a world where vampires were real, kind, and fell in love with average human girls, (like me!).  I was in love with the main vampire character in the story, Edward, and I legitimately wanted to be a vampire and live a life of love and danger side by side with Edward.  He is supposed to be the most handsome hunk of meat on Earth, so you can imagine, when the movie came out, even if I didn’t find Robert Pattinson (the actor who plays Edward) insanely gorgeous to begin with (I did), I associated him with Edward, and in turn, became obsessed with him as well.  Hence, I have a ginormous poster of Robert Pattinson in character as Edward, on the back of the door in my room.   DORK ALERT.

This is what I stare at when I fall asleep:


Around the same time that I was into Twilight, I started watching True Blood.  Oh my God, if you do not watch that show, please START.  It is so freakin’ good.  The premise is that vampires live among humans because, as I mentioned above, they created a drink that vampires can have as an alternative to drinking human blood.  So, as you can imagine, lots of crazy stuff happens when vampires live out in the open.  It makes for a GREAT show and what makes the show even better are the very attractive vampires in it–Vampire Bill and Vampire Eric, so yummy.

Vampire Eric for your viewing pleasure:


True Blood definitely enhanced my special feeling towards vampires.  As did a couple of books written by Christopher Moore called “Blood Sucking Fiends,” and “You Suck.”  These are quick, easy reads that are extraordinarily funny and present vampires in a whole new light.  My most recent vampire infatuation, however, has been The Vampire Diaries.  It’s a new show on the CW that has a very similar storyline to Twilight.  Vampire falls in love with human.  There’s the good and the bad vampire (vegetarian and non), etc.  It’s no True Blood, but it has a cast of some handsome vampires that I sure do enjoy watching for an hour every Thursday night.

Vampire Diaries:vampire-diaries

So moral of this VERY long blog post is this: vampires are awesome, I love them, I want to be one, boy vampires are usually very good looking, and writing this post served its purpose—I feel a bit better now.

Check out my favorite track off the New Moon soundtrack, (latest movie in the Twilight Saga).  The Twilight movies may be crappy, but they do have some great music.  Here’s “Roslyn” by Bon Iver & St. Vincent.  It’s painfully beautiful and seems to match the way I’m feeling these days quite well.


5 responses to “VAMPIRES!

  1. you scare me.

  2. if you watched buffy as an adult you would like it now!!!! i would bet my life savings on it! :) to say that it is so much better then vampire diaries or twilight would just be insulting to my mouth cause there are not even enough words to explain how much better buffy is/ was.

  3. Great to find people have that weird thing I had since I was a kid in common :D, but unlike you, I felt in love with them since spike of buffy the vampire slayer (and despite buffy’s ninja style, the show was awesome).
    Man! I wished to be a vampire too, maybe we could meet out there :P in the nice vampire’s book club or something :D
    Twilight, naah, I didnt like the books, they’re boring, the story is great but it’s so boring, the movie (twilight, I didnt watch new moon yet) sucked, I hated it!
    About True Blood, I tried watching it then I got the urge to read the books first, but am sure it’s great.
    Vampire Diaries rocks! I love the show, and the sexy set of vampires ;)

  4. I LOVE the Vampire Diaries series on tv and want to read the books. i don’t understand y they haven’t had any new episoides though. i never saw the buffy thing sry so i have no comment on that… i want to see true blood and again would also like to read them and i also am in love with the Twilight series

  5. nice description of things Ill need to watch true blood some time

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