I’m Thankful For…YOU! And Other Things

I’m back!  Blog writing hiatus is over.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted to my blog.  I’ve hated not writing, not expressing myself, not BLOGGING.  The truth is, I’ve just been super busy.  Work has been hectic, life has been hectic, and I haven’t had a chance to sit, relax, and blog.  But here I am, back to the blog.  So, I’ll get to it.  With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, (so scary it’s already mid-November!), I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m thankful for and appreciative of.  The main ones are pretty standard: my family, my friends, my job, Hoagie, Vegas, (ha, not really, but isn’t Vegas so awesome?!).  But then there are the littler things that are part of my life that I’ve realized are just as important to me, and I appreciate just as much as the bigger things.  One thing in particular is live music.  Sounds a bit silly, but hey, I don’t care.  I’d like to proudly proclaim that I am thankful for live music!  Man, there’s really nothing like a good show.  I don’t understand people who have never been to a show before. (For my non-music peeps out there, a show is what you like to call a concert.)  Live music is really so very special, especially when the band is good.  It can make every cell in your body happy.  It can make you dance, sing, and smile even if you don’t normally enjoy doing so, (wait, who doesn’t enjoy smiling? That would be sad).  Let’s be honest, most of you who know me know I can’t sing for crap, but get me at a show, and I start singing like I’ve had natural vocal talent since birth.  Also, I will shake my booty with no shame.  (The singing and booty shaking may also be a result of the multiple vodka sodas I enjoy at shows, shhh don’t tell).  Additionally, live shows are an excellent remedy for the yuckies, (AKA feeling down and sad).  I’ve been in a perpetual yucky state, and going to shows is one of the things that help me shed the yucky shell for a few hours.  I’m so lucky that live music is part of my job.  I’m supposed to go to shows.  Lots and lots of them.  And often.  I love it, (minus the major sleep deprivation it causes).  Last night was Switchfoot at The Roxy.  I work with them, so I’m personally invested, which makes watching them live THAT much better.  Knowing that I play a little part in helping them do what they do brings a whole other level of enjoyment to their live show.  Plus, they absolutely rocked.  If you haven’t bought their new album Hello Hurricane (released yesterday), do yourself a favor (and them a favor, they deserve it!) and go buy it.  Sometimes I forget how incredibly lucky I am that this is my job, (usually happens when I look at my pay check…).  But today I haven’t forgotten.  Today, I appreciate my job and all of the live music I get to enjoy because of it.  Thanks, Red Light!

photo(15)Switchfoot Last Night

Here’s one of my favorite tracks off the album, (although honestly every song on this record is good).  It’s a lovie dovie song which makes me sad, but it’s soooo pretty, so please enjoy “Your Love is a Song”:

And now that I posted a song that makes me sad, let’s post one that makes me happy!  It’s called “40 Day Dream” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and it’s just really, really happy.  Play this shiz on repeat!


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