Well Hello, March.

It’s March! How is it already March?! I feel like it was just yesterday that I started this blog and it’s been a whole 5 months! Crazy! So, a few things I’d like to share with you all today. Here it goes.

1. Mercantile, the restaurant. My favorite foodie buddies, Laura, Alex, and Ting-Ting, and I tried another delicious restaurant this week called, The Mercantile. It’s technically a gourmet market and wine bar but boasts a mouth-watering dinner menu too. We used our Blackboard Eats discount* so we had to choose from a prix fixe menu. We got the ricotta gnudi with English peas, mushrooms and parmesan, and the smoked trout rillettes with beets and horseradish aioli. Omgeee, they were both absolutely delectable. For dessert, they served us homemade ice creams that were basically mini scoops of heaven. My favorite flavor had to be what Ting-Ting ordered which I believe was a chocolate, nutella, banana? Ya, um, ridic. So, go to Mercantile and indulge in yummy wines and even yummier foods.

And a photo, courtesy of Ting-Ting.  My beautiful friends, Laura and Alex posing with their gnocchi.

*If you haven’t signed up for Blackboard Eats, you must!  It gives you great discounts at eateries in the LA area, (sometimes up to 40% off of your meal)! I believe they now have a NY chapter, and are working on a SF one.

2. The Grilled Cheese Truck.  Ok, this whole food truck craze is probably just a fad but I am LOVING it.  Today, I enjoyed the Grilled Cheese Truck for the second time.  Dear lord, their “the works” sandwich, which is pulled pork and macaroni and cheese IN a sandwich, is pure sandwich BLISS (see below).  Mmmm…Plus their tomato soup and tater tots are damned good too.  Find out if the truck is near you on their Twitter.  Also, find out where ALL LA food trucks are at any given time here: Find LA Food Trucks.

3. Chocolate Tiny Teddies.  Basically, they are like teddy grahams, but the Australian version, and SO MUCH BETTER.  They are only sold in Australia though, so good luck getting them here.  I didn’t know they existed until my Aussie coworker, Katrina, got them in a care package from Australia.  She had me try them, and I fell in love.  She also had me try vegemite.  Let me tell you, that shit is SICK.  STAY AWAY.

4.  And finally, on a non-food related note, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite bands of the moment, most of which have released new records recently.  Check out: Broken Bells, Hot Chip, Active Child, Rogue Wave, Surfer Blood, 22-20s, Yeasayer, and Two Door Cinema Club.

Wellll, this post was almost all about food.  But hey, I love food, and I enjoy spreading the food love.

And as per usual, I will close with a song I love from one of the above bands, “ONE” by Yeasayer.  Rock out, my peeps.


One response to “Well Hello, March.

  1. Love this! What a great post! Um, those chocolate tiny teddies sound delicious…may just have to visit Australia for a tasting! P.S. Love our dinner dates! Muah :)

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