Hello world!

My name is Brooke and welcome to my blog.  I’m 24 years old and live (and have lived my entire life!) in lovely Los Angeles.  I work in the music industry and absolutely love everything and anything related to music.  You’ll find a lot of my posts (I think?) will be about music I love and want to share with you, (some of which will be new music I’ve discovered or just good ol’ stuff that I want you to love as much as I love).  Besides music, I am OBSESSED with my dog, Hoagie.  Yes, hence the clever little name of my blog :).  He is my life and you’ll probably see quite a number of posts about the little fella.  Another thing I love?  FOOD.  I love eating and trying new, yummy restaurants around LA.  So I’m hoping to share some of my awesome food experiences with you too.  I’m also creating this blog in the hopes of giving you all a window into my very random, and at times STRANGE, thoughts.  Get ready :).

This is me with Hoagie:



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