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Zooey Deschanel, Girl Crush!

So I’m minorly/majorly obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. Reasons why you should be too:

1.  She’s in a great indie band, She & Him.  They just released their sophomore album called Volume Two that I’ve been loving lately.  Their music has an old pop, vintagey sound.  Check out their super cute music video for their latest single below.

2.  She’s a really stellar actress.  Have you seen 500 Days of Summer?  Great movie.  She was also in Elf.  Love Elf! (PS is it weird that I have now blogged TWICE about the movie, Elf?!)

3.  She’s married to Ben Gibbard, of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service (two of my favorite bands).  Perfect couple alert!

4.  She is in a really cute cotton commercial.  This commercial just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Watch it below.

5.  She has a super cute retro style.  I never could pull this off but she does so flawlessly. Can I BE this woman?! Sigh.

6.  Um, did I mention she’s gorgeous?  Yeah.  Mad girl crush!

7.  Last but not least, I LOVE the name Zooey.  I’ve decided to name my future daughter that.  So future husband, if you’re out there reading this, you better like the name too.

Creeped out a little bit by this post?  No worries, I am too.


Smiling’s My Favorite!

There are a few things that are really making me smile at the moment.  The first thing is Hot Chip’s new music video for “I Feel Better”.  These dudes have succeeded in making another hilarious music video that you cannot help but laugh out loud too.  It is ridiculous without being cheesy, and they manage to gain cool points despite the utter absurdity of this video.  Check it out below and SMILE. :)

Second, is the SUNLIGHT!  I absolutely LOVE how it is still light outside when I leave the office.  It genuinely makes me feel happier and puts me in better spirits.  Mmm, I love you, Mr. Sun (yes, that’s his name).  Here’s a super awesome song that is basically an ode to Mr. Sun that makes me smile too.  It’s called “Sun Hands”, by Local Natives, (who are ridiculously amazing btdubs.  My company manages them now and I may or may not have had a little something to do with that, holla!)

Third thing is Huckleberry restaurant in Santa Monica.  Some friends and I brunched there this Saturday morning and absolutely loved the place, (plus it was on our list of LA restaurants we wanted to try so we were super excited to check it off).  First of all, they have the most ATTRACTIVE staff ever.  Like, did they only hire hotties?  Because wow, hotties left and right at that place.  But, that’s not really why I loved Huckleberry, although it was a delightful plus.  It was definitely the delicious food that won all of us over.  I had the fried egg sandwich, which consisted of fried egg, (obvi), gruyere cheese, (my fave), applewood smoked bacon, and arugula on toasted sourdough bread.  It was messy, due to the egg (see below), but absolutely delicious.  We topped off our meal by trying a few items from their bakery.  We sampled their maple bacon biscuit, their chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, and their sugar donut holes, all of which were sooo yummy, (and do not fear, we had absolutely no problem finishing all of those items).  So moral of the Huckleberry story is, it made us smile due to its delectable fare and eye pleasing staff, and I think it will make YOU smile too.

So, I hope you’re smiling now because I know I am.  And I think it’s only fitting that I end this post by saying, “smiling’s my favorite!” Thank you, Buddy the Elf, for that one.