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A few girlfriends and I had a nice little dinner date at a newish restaurant on North Highland the other night called, Street (www.eatatstreet.com).  My oh my, was it absolutely delectable!  It was started by chef and travel enthusiast, Susan Feniger, whose idea behind the restaurant came from her love of street food.  With the delicacies of street vendors from around the world as her inspiration, Susan has created an incredibly diverse and amazingly tasty menu.  The most delicious thing we ordered was DEFINITELY the Kaya Toast, which hails from Singapore.  The toast is like a mini grilled cheese sandwich, but instead of cheese, it has a coconut jam spread.  You then dip the mini sandwich in a soft-boiled egg that is covered in a soy sauce.   Sounds weird, but it is SO good.  We kept dipping everything else we ordered in the strange egg, soy concoction.  Beyond delicious.  Please allow your mouth to water at the picture of the Kaya Toast below. 

Another yummy street food we ordered was the Spinach Varenky dumplings.  These little guys are Ukranian and are like pillows of fried heaven.  Basically, everything we tried did not disappoint.  Plus, the ambience of the restaurant is very hip and cool.  The walls are painted a deep red and are designed with funky figurines drawn in white chalk. (It felt like we were outside on the street, which is quite fitting for a place named Street, that’s all about street food!) We sat on the patio, next to a cute little fire, and because it was a bit cold, they brought us blankets, (really soft, yummy ones…amazing).  To make things even better, our server was great, the wine was delicious, AND we had a fun celeb sighting.  B.J. Novak of The Office was at the table next to us.  B.J. and I, (yep, we’re on first name basis now), were in each other’s line of sight and kept making eye contact accidentally.  That made our fun girl’s night out even more fun, as you can imagine.  So I think it’s safe to say that I highly recommend this place!  As would the three amazing girls I dined with, two of which have their own blog!  Check them out here: www.lauradaily.wordpress.com and www.vivalemani.wordpress.com. The four of us have decided to try a new restaurant each month and have one of us blog about it!  Stay tuned for more of our fun eating adventures.

Also, because I love Hoagie, here is a very cute picture of him from this past weekend, sleeping on my chest, with his little paw in my sweatshirt pocket.

Second also, because I love music, here is a song that I like right now.  It makes me very happy and I think it will make you happy too!  Here’s “11th Dimension” by Julian Casablancas: