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Coachella has been over for 2 days and I still can’t stop thinking about how it was one of the BEST. WEEKENDS. EVER.  Yes, the festival had its faults, (quite a few of them to be honest), but seeing 22 of your favorite bands in 3 days kind of overshadows any negatives.  Here are some of the highlights of my Coachella.  (Brace yourself, this is gonna be a long one.  It’s worth it though :D )

1.  THE MUSIC.  The award for the best performance of the weekend goes to La Roux.  Holy crap, she was insanely awesome.  The audience was SO into it and danced and sang along the entire time.  Check out the video I captured of the tail end of “Bulletproof”.   Gives me the chilly willies!

Other stellar performances on Friday were Yeasayer (dance party!), She & Him (Zooey Deschanel was so cute and happy), Passion Pit, Vampire Weekend, and of course, Jay Z (with a surprise guest performance by Beyonce herself).

Hot Chip stole the show on Saturday–probably my second favorite performance of the weekend.  They rocked out while we all danced our happy tushies off.  Other Saturday winners: The XX, Muse, and Tiesto.  Tiesto was the closest I’ve ever come to being at a rave and let me tell you it was INSANITY. The verdict?  I loved it and had the time of my life dancing with my bestie, Chris!  Check out a video clip I took during his set below and watch how the audience’s energy grows and grows as the music builds.  Craziness.

Sunday was all about Local Natives!  Check out the picture below of the PACKED crowd.  Amazing really because the show was at 2pm, which is very early by Coachella standards.  Plus, I’d say 90% of these peeps knew the words to most of the songs.  Sweetness.  Florence & the Machine, Julian Casablancas, and Phoenix also put on some stellar performances on Sunday.

For more videos of Coachella performances that I didn’t capture, check out this Pitchfork article.  From the looks of it, Die Antwoord and Major Lazer were huge hits.  Wish I had made it to see them, but you can’t be in two places at once, yo!

2.  THE VIP TENT.  Now that I’ve had VIP, I’m never going back.  It’s like a mini safe haven from the packed insanity that is Coachella.  Yes, it’s crowded in VIP too, but it’s totally bearable crowded.  Plus, they have SUCH yummy food in there with barely any lines.  Food winners of the weekend: the SPICY PIZZA station (omg yum) and the Cool Haus booth where I had the most delicious ice cream sandwich (oatmeal cookies with cinnamon ice cream, pictured below).

VIP also had much better bars with more drink options and shorter lines.  Another super cool thing?  There was a ferris wheel in VIP!  A really pretty, colorful one.  How random and awesome is that?  There was also seating with views of the main stage, shade, and a little fountain that tons of people decided to treat as a pool.  Downfall of VIP, however, were the steep prices of food and drinks, but it wasn’t any worse than outside of VIP.  Downfall #2, is that VIP costs a shit ton to purchase.  Luckily, I got upgraded for free through work.

I’m all smiles in VIP:

3.  THE CELEBS.  This section is for you, J Dubs.  Celeb sightings left and right!  Mostly in the VIP tent.  Here’s a fun little list of people I saw: Paris and Nicky Hilton, Katy Perry, Pink, Penn Badgley, Kelly Osbourne, Kellen Lutz, JC Chasez (omg NSync), Melanie Griffith (hey there cougar), Whitney Port, Kate Bosworth, Scott Speedman, Anne Hathaway, Mischa Barton, a few more randoms, and then my ALL-TIME FAVORITE: Alex Sarsgard aka Vampire Eric from True Blood!  I am not lying when I say that he is the most attractive man I have ever seen in my life.  He was standing next to me ordering a drink and had his hand resting on the bar.  I decided to place my hand next to his and gawk at the two of our hands next to each other.  His were ginormous, very fitting for a vampire.  Please check out the creepy photo I took of him in the background.  He totes looks all vamped (as in vampired) out in it.

4.  RANCHO LAS PALMAS.  Our hotel in Rancho Mirage.  Loved that place!  Our room was really nice with comfy beds and overlooked the golf course.  It was also only about 15 minutes from the grounds, which wasn’t too shabby at all.  Plus, they had a nice pool we enjoyed lying out by, and they even had water slides and a lazy river that they so aptly named SPLASHtopia!  Dana, one of my roomies for the weekend, and I ordered a few Miami Vices (pina colada/strawberry daquiri mix drinks) which were absolutely delicious and made our Coachella weekend feel like a mini tropical vacation.  Here I am poolside with my Miami Vice.  Sigh.  Can I go back?!

5.  THE COMPANY.  Cell phones did NOT work at the festival, which was a huge annoyance, but whenever I did finally find my friends (or run into ones I wasn’t expecting to see at all!) it was always a very joyful experience.  Some encounters were only brief, but everyone I interacted with at Coachella, made my experience a very special one.  All of my friends (some old and new!) couldn’t have been more positive, in better spirits and just all around FUN all weekend long.  Thanks guys, (you all know who you are), for making this weekend an unforgettable one.  Awww, cue cheesy, sappy music.

Me and some of my favorites:

6.  THE SHADESTERS.  I loved some of the shady shit I saw going on at Coachella.  Peeps doing every drug in the book right out in the open?  Check.  Actual drug deals?  Check.  Frozen lemonade/churro/pretzel man selling water bottles filled with Jaeger out of his freezer cart? Check.  I saw some crazy shit and cannot pretend I did not love every second of it.

7.  THE HIPSTERS.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to categorize them as a highlight of my experience or as a negative but I chose the former mainly because they made for SUCH great people watching!  Omg, never have I ever seen such crazy outfits in my life.  I’ve decided this was the basic formula for most of the hipsters I spotted: Ray Bans wayfarers+tribal inspired headband or straw fedora hat+a ton of bracelets+either an American Apparel body suit, uncomfortably tiny jean shorts, or a romper=hipster success.  I may have made an attempt at the hipster look myself, and I must say I feel like I fit in just fine.

Overall, Coachella was bomb diggity.  Besides the OBSCENE crowds, the very poor, unprepared staff, the heat, and the total cell phone failure, Coachella rocked my socks off and you will be damned sure I will be all over it again next year.  COME WITH!