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Las Vegas, In a Paragraph

I love VEGAS!  Even when I lose $300+ gambling at the craps table.  Even when I stay up until 7:30am every night/morning, and lose most of the next day sleeping in.  Even when I’m so hung over from all of the alcohol consumption, that all I can do is eat unlimited slices of Sbarro’s Pizza.  Even when my legs are insanely sore from the hours of dancing with creeper guys at overcrowded, sweaty clubs.  Even when my iPhone is stolen from me, and extortion is used in order for me to get it back.  Even when cabbies charge me obscene amounts of money to take me to aforementioned extortionist to retrieve aforementioned stolen phone.  Ahhh, Vegas.  That was my experience last weekend.  For realsies.  But let me tell you, despite these “minor” setbacks I loved ALMOST every minute of it.  And guess what?  I’m going back in June!

What was on display in our room.  Note the See’s candies…classy

And because I love to give you a lil music in each of my posts, here’s our favorite preparty song of the trip: “Shark in the Water” by V.V. Brown.  Now who says I don’t have an eclectic taste in music!