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Dream Jobs

Recently I’ve been thinking about how awesome it would be to have careers as either a food critic or a music supervisor.  I’ve decided those are my two dream jobs of the moment.  I love my current job, and really hope to continue to grow in my industry, but it’s fun to dream right?!  Food critics and music supervisors couldn’t be MORE different, but together they embody my three favorite things—music, food, and writing.  I’ve been doing research on both of these careers and have realized that I’m not too qualified for either.  But, there are real, tangible things I can do to help my cause.  Like continually trying new restaurants and writing about my experiences!  I need lots of writing samples, and a very eclectic palate if I were to ever seriously consider being a food critic.  For music supervision, continually researching new music is key.  I already do LOTS of that, and love it, and will keep doing it!  My favorite music supervision company is called Chop Shop and is run by the goddess of music supervision, Alex Patsavas.  Chop Shop does supervision for TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl and for movies like Twilight, (best soundtrack ever).   Basically, they have great taste in music and are responsible for breaking a number of artists, including The Fray from a Grey’s Anatomy episode a few years back.  It’s pretty freakin’ awesome how music placement nowadays plays such an important part in an artist’s success.  Sigh.  ‘Twould be cool to do that one day.

Now, back to my other fantasy–food critic!  My dear friend, Liang, started a google document of 100+ LA restaurants we want to try, Ting-Ting and I are contributors.  I’m super excited to start trying them and blogging about them! Food critic, here I come!  Get ready for even more posts about food. :)  Speaking of food, last night I had dinner at STK.  STK is a fancy shmancy, super trendy steakhouse.  The ambience was great–very funky and cool, but the food itself was subpar, especially for the extremely high price tag.  Their steaks were good (we had the skirt and the filet), but nothing to write home about.  Their sides, on the other hand, were delicious.  We loved their mac and cheese, green beans, corn pudding, and their garlic truffle fries (mmm, mouth watering).  Overall, good food, but their steak is no Mastro’s!  I have failed to mention that my ambition to try lots of restaurants and write about them is going to leave me homeless.  My measly paycheck cannot begin to support the foodie lifestyle I wish to lead, but one can always try, right?!

And because it’s been awhile, here’s a picture of my handsome Hoagster.  Cool photo effects thanks to the iPhone app, hipstamatic.  How un-hipster of me to download an app with such a title?!

“Hipster Hoagie”

And you know I can’t end a post without some fun music!  So here’s a fun track called “Alley Cats” by Hot Chip.  I really like their entire album, “One Life Stand”, which was just released this past February.  Check it out!